Month: March 2008

Aaj Tak-The best TV News Channel

Posted by – March 30, 2008

Yesterday I was having dinner at a South Indian resteraunt. I was also watching TV. It was a news channel, our own Aaj Tak. They were showing a news item aptly titled “Don ka pyar”. In the bottom of the screen I saw a caption, again aptly titled, “Breaking News”. The breaking news was that Aaj Tak again won the best news channel award. Again. This is 6th award. And the news item they were showing was “Don ka pyar”. I was wondering if people of India were really interested in whome Chhota Rajan loves. I am not interested. Neither are my friends. Or my folks at home. Or even our neighbours. Or my colleagues. The things that matter us were why Raj Thakre is against his own countrymen. One of my colleague got a very good job offer from Mumbai. His first concern was, I am from North India. Is Mumbai safe for me? The news item that matter to me is what is our politicians doing for pur country? Not whome Chhota Rajan loves. In fact I am damn sure Chhota Rajan must be thinking why Aaj Tak is interested in his personal life. There are so many love stories going around and why the hell Aaj Tak is showing his story on national network on prime time. :-?

If Aaj Tak is the best news channel, its not hard to imagine what the worst news channel are showing.

FireFox 3 in Punjabi

Posted by – March 29, 2008

One thing I hate about my FireFox is its memory consumption. Ff behaves very rudely in terms of memory managment. I have seen 125% of CPU usage by FF on my Ubuntu desktop at my office. The top command shocked me when I first saw firefox using 125% of CPU. Then I downloaded and installed Opera. And lived happily ever after.


But it wasnt over, here we have FireFox3. I recently decided to download the 3 and give it a try. I found that firefox is available in 40 languages including Gujrati and Punjabi but notin Hindi or Telugu or Tamil or Malyalam. Strange. Follow the link

The juice

Posted by – March 23, 2008

I have been wondering why I opt for buying packaged fruit juices instead of going for real fresh ones?
All packaged juices contain sugar :( which make these stuff taste good. I am trying to control my intake of sugar and one way or another I consume more sugar. Now I want moong daal ka halwa =P~ from Gopal Sweets. Interestingly the website of Gopal Sweets is incomplete and shows store front of Pizza hut :P. Must see sector 35 outlet on the website and its same for all outlets and many other pages ->

Love hurts: Moving from PHP4 to PHP5

Posted by – March 23, 2008

Once upon a time I fell in love. :-X It was a wow feeling. Me and my beloved had a great time. But, as it happens in all typical Bollywood movies, the good time was over.=(( Now the memories haunt me. I feel the pain. I have started to tell myself, man its over now. Move on. Its high time to move on. :(

So, now I work in PHP5. I miss those short and sweet 2 liners which I created. PHP5 is totally different from PHP4. There used to be classes and objects in PHP4 but in PHP5 everything is different. Not only the OOPS is revamped PHP5 boasts some cool XML features. No need to do include(‘nusoap.php’), SOAP is standard accessory in PHP5. MySQL and PHP are made for each other and PHP5 has got a new thing called mysqli extension. If MySQL is too big for any projects’ requirement, sounds a rare scenario, use SQLite.

Some cool features related to oops are

  • Pass objects by reference
  • magical stuff like __autoload
  • access modifiers
  • interfaces, yes we can do multiple inheritance
  • type hinting is also present now

The OOPS part of PHP is heavily derived from Java. I never studied Java so the interfaces stuff turned me crazy initially. Some how I am trying to grip PHP5 but I still miss my beloved. I have spent some wonderful moments with her. How can I simply forget her? :(

My Ubuntu OSX

Posted by – March 21, 2008

Gutsy desktop at my work place

My Ubuntu Desktop at my work place. :)